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Adelia Semi-flush Chandelier


Fine branches finished in Silver Granello twist and turn up from the glass covering of the Adelia Semi-Flush chandelier. Faceted crystals top these pieces and comes to life as light from within shines through.

Has 1 light. Maximum wattage is 60.

Alabaster Table Lamp


The timeless urn shape of this Alabaster lamp looks elegant in beautiful Alabaster marble. Topped with an off-white Shantung shade that is a soft complement to the heavy marble base.

Astral Glass Pendant


Light as air and nothing short of sublime. The Astral Pendant, Semi-flush light tapers downward in shimmering Contemporary Silver Leaf. The blown glass balls draw the eye to this effervescent piece.

Pendant has 1 light, Maximum wattage 100. Chain length is 6 feet.

Blue Lagoon Chandelier


Light and airy beautiful blue 4 corner wavy chandelier. Made of Acrylic in blending teal color. Has polished chrome wall fixture.

Chandelier holds 4, 60 watt Candelabra or Equivalent bulbs (bulbs not included). Hanging hardware included. Switch is hard wired.

Blue Lagoon Round Chandelier


This beautiful light blues and teal have a blended effect made of acrylic, has a chrome finish base and extension cables.

Chandelier is hard wired and uses 4, 60-Watt Candelabra bulbs. (not included)

Buttermere Chandelier


Buttermere Chandelier


Brimming with crystals sprinkled among seashells, the Buttermere Chandelier is a stunning, exuberant design. Carefully selected shells are placed on the swags that grace the natural wrought iron arms. Sparkling crystal elements enhance this extraordinary nature-inspired fixture.

Carousel Ceiling Lamp


This semi-flush ceiling lamp is a true work of art. It is created by first forming the wrought iron metal frame then expert artisans blow frosted glass onto the form, creating the pieces distinctive shape.

Material is Satin Black finish Wrought Iron and glass. Has one light socket. Maximum wattage is 60.

Champagne Elephant Table Lamp


Antiqued champagne finish over crackled porcelain with brushed aluminum accents on an aged black base. Shade is rectangle semi bell shade and has a silken golden champagne textile fabric.

Designer Carolyn Kinder

Comes with 150w 3-way bulb.

Colorful Carousel Chandelier


Oval shaped chandelier features an array of fun colors encircled by Brilliant Silver finish base. Comes with a hard back – White Shantung shade (8″h). Colored balls are made of acrylic and are aqua, honey brown, royal blue, topaz, berry and tangy green colors.

Chandelier is hard wired and uses 6, 60-Watt Candelabra bulbs.

Corniche Chandelier


Whirls and coils of natural shell produce a mesmerizing stunner of a chandelier. The large scale Corniche Chandelier, ideal for brining a piece of the coast indoors, was carefully constructed using labor-intensive techniques.

Chandelier has 6 lights, Maximum wattage 360, 60 watts per light. Chain length is 6 feet.

Crystal Bud Chandelier


The Crystal Bud Chandelier bursts forth in a spray of sparkling crystal buds. A sleek Silver Granello finished wrought iron frame of entwining stems forms the foundation of this heavenly lighting accent.

Chandelier has 6 lights, Maximum wattage 360, 60 watt each.  Chain length is 6 feet.

Crystal Bud Sphere Chandelier


The pleasing inspiration of nature merges with the convention of finely crafted traditional design in the romantic Crystal Bud Sphere Chandelier. Delicate faceted crystals unfurl from the Silver Granello finish vines that make up the globe-like body of this idyllic piece.

Has 3 lights. Maximum wattage is 180, 60 watts per bulb.

Double Column Tall Table Lamp


This lamp is a tall beauty! It features two traditional fluted columns carved out of wood harken the design of this lamp to the techniques of handcrafted woodwork. A Black Shantung shade with silver lining makes this a classic piece not to be missed.

Maximum wattage is 150.

Elizabeth Chandelier


This elegant chandelier has an airy iron framework and is delicately draped with tasteful crystal accents. Teardrops and beaded strands adorn the traditional Silver Granello finished design.

Chandelier has 6 lights. Maximum wattage 360, 60 per light.

EnChante Chandelier


Dazzling strands of beaded crystal line a wrought iron frame, swirling about the column of the lavish chandelier. Below shapely crystal drops and swags complete the classic empire style. The chandelier comes in Antique Gold Leaf or Chinois Antique Silver Leaf finish. The metallic and crystal brings out the sparkle in this cosmopolitan design.

Chandelier has 4 lights. Maximum wattage 240, 60 per light.

Etiquette Chandelier


Gleaming accents reflect the shine of faceted crystal pendants, giving this piece just the right amount of sparkle. A sophisticated Antique Gold or Silver Leaf finish covers the wrought iron arms, which gracefully sweep upwards.

Chandelier has 6 lights. Maximum wattage 360, 60 per light.

Fire & Ice Chandelier


Fire and Ice says it all in this unique piece. It has flame shaped petals and base in a cooper finish and features acrylic accents in Violet yellow and blush green violet jewel pieces.

Chandelier is hard wired and uses 6, 60-Watt Candelabra bulbs. (not included)

Forget-Me-Not Table Lamp


This lamp features a backdrop of rich Chinois Gold leaf, a spray of gorgeously bevelled optic crystal buds burst forth like a bouquet. Sweet romantic details are juxtaposed with a simple Black Shantung drum shade and a smooth crystal base.

Lamp has two light sockets, maximum wattage per light is 75.

Ginger Ball & Black Floor Lamp


Tall Torchiere lamp has Black and Silver Jacobean finish with a Wheat color acrylic shade. Stands 73″ tall with foot dimmer.

Uses 1, 3-Way 150 watt Incadescent bulb. (not included)

Ginger Torchiere Floor Lamp


Tall floor lamp is sleek in design, has Silver Jacobean finish with a Wheat Ginger acrylic shade. Stands 73″ tall with foot dimmer.

Uses 1, 3-Way 150 watt incandescent bulb. (not included)

Gold Wave Chandelier


Beautiful Gold blending Wave, ceiling fixture has a unique wavy shape and is made of acrylic. Base is Autumn Wood Silver.

Chandelier is hard wired and uses 3, 60-Watt Candelabra bulbs.

Grand Lotus Chandelier


Stunning workmanship is highlighted in the formation of the Grand Lotus Chandelier which is made from wrought iron and sheet metal and then skillfully finished in Antique Gold Leaf.

Chandelier has 6 lights. Maximum wattage 360, 60 per light.

Hannah Chandelier


European Traditional, reinvented. This version of the Hannah Chandelier is a spectacular new take on a traditional design that shines in a large space. Hand carved accents, evocative of turned wood are enhanced by a unique Stockholm White finish, while the Rust colored wrought iron arms complement beautifully.

Chandelier has 12 lights, Maximum wattage 720, 60 watts per light. Chain length is 6 feet.

Idyll Table Lamp


This lamp features a bundle of Chinois Gold Leaf fronds that draw the eye irresistibly toward the lamp. Beneath a contrasting Black Shantung shade, this subtly glamorous piece blends botanical inspiration with modern optic crystal accents.

Maximum wattage is 150.

Long Leaf Chandelier


The fluttering accents of the Longleaf Chandelier are evocative of a sheaf of golden wheat whose fronds are reaching for the sun. Its dark contemporary Gold Leaf finish gleams in the light of the piece’s eight bulbs.

Material is Wrought Iron with Dark Contemporary Gold Leaf finish. Has 8 lights. Maximum wattage is 480, 60 watts per bulb.

Lotus Table Lamp


This lamp defines elegant simplicity and look like a work of art. The soft antique patina on the brass leaf base gives the lamp its organic quality. The Black Shantung shade has a gold lining which accentuates the rich qualities of this lamp.

Maximum wattage is 150.

Maximus Gold Leaf Chandelier


Whimsical spirals encircle the seeded glass shades of this bold five light fixture, an ideal choice for elongated spaces. It’s masterfully crafted, linear wrought iron frame is finished in a washed Gold Leaf.

Chandelier has 5 lights. Maximum wattage 300, 60 per light.

Mojave Swirl Floor Lamp


12 strands to create this beautiful swirl effect, has Caramel and Black finish with a Mojave Sunset acrylic shade. Stands 74″ tall with foot dimmer.

Uses 1, 3-Way 150 watt incandescent bulb. (not included)

Prelude Glass Disk Chandelier


The Prelude Chandelier features hand formed glass disks all around on 3 levels to create a crystal effect of light. It has a polished Nickel finish and can be extended 80″ from ceiling.

There are 12 lamps, using 40w candelabra bulbs (not included).

Quantum Glass Chandelier


Blown glass balls make a classic pendant form something special. A delicate wrought iron frame is finished with Contemporary Silver leaf that enhances the glow of the shimmering glass baubles.

Chandelier has 4 lights, Maximum wattage 240, 60 watts per light. Chain length is 6 feet.

Ring Master Chandelier


The Ringmaster Chandelier is cold-forged and requires a team of strong men to achieve its stellar design. Contemporary Gold Leaf is applied to the graceful wrought iron curves to resemble a very regal look. Ten light provide the ultimate illumination.

Chandelier has 10 lights. Maximum wattage 600, 60 per light.  Comes with Air Craft Cable.

Satin Black & Gold Leaf Table Lamp


This table lamp features Hollywood chic and refinement are at the heart of this glitzy and substantial table lamp. Satin black and gold leaf contemporary finishing adorn the all metal lamp making a bold statement. Has two lights under shade, maximum wattage 100.